Kim Kardashian and the Shipping Solutions International Trade Blog

David Noah | January 2, 2019 | Export Basics
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Kim Kardashian and the Shipping Solutions International Trade BlogWe've made it to the big leagues. A Shipping Solutions blog post has been quoted in an article about Kim Kardashian.

We've been publishing articles related to exporting and importing for more than 15 years. Our International Trade Blog currently has an archive with more than 600 articles on topics ranging from export compliance to help with export documents to import and export trade finance to shipping dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

Only one of those articles is worthy of a selfie.

It is Rob Smith's excellent article on shipping hazmat items, A Dangerous Good Shipped by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet, that was quoted in the Insider article about Kardashian's perfume. As Rob points out, because perfumes contain various amounts of ethyl alcohol, they are considered a flammable liquid, hazard class 3.

Watch the free online webinar: An Introduction to Shipping Dangerous Goods.

Granted, this isn't breaking news. In fact, the actual Insider article was published in December 2017. I just happened to notice the link as I was reviewing the list of 5,500-plus web pages that currently link to one or more of our blog articles.

But if you're looking for a reason to become a subscriber of this blog (see the blue box in the right column of the page), or if you know someone else who might benefit from the information found on the blog, Kim Kardashian might just push you over the edge!