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Exporting to Europe: Save Money by Reclaiming Your Value Added Tax (VAT)

Learn what you need to know about getting a VAT refund when exporting to the United Kingdom or the European Union.

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Dean SwiftGabrielle Magnani

Countries within the European Union (EU) levy an import tax called a Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods exported to their countries. The United Kingdom (UK) does so too. And it's not cheap; it can be as high as 27% of the value of the goods!

Did you know that tax may be refundable?

Don't leave money on the table. Join us for this free half-hour webinar as Gabrielle Magnani and Dean Swift from VAT IT explains the sometimes complicated procedures U.S. companies must follow to collect their refunds, including the proper registrations you must file and understanding the subtle but significant differences between each of the 27 different EU member countries.

Who Should Attend

  • Export Managers

  • Trade compliance specialists

  • International purchasing agents and their managers

  • International/global logistics personnel

  • Directors of global distribution

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