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The USMCA and Other Free Trade Agreements

With a solid understanding of how to navigate these programs, exporters can lower costs and increase competitiveness.

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Robert P. ImbrianiThe U.S. is experiencing trade growth and regulatory changes with regards to Free Trade and Tariff Preferences Programs; without a thorough understanding of these programs a company can encounter delays, lost opportunities and additional expenses due to compliance issues.

During this one-hour webinar with Robert P. Imbriani, you’ll gain a solid understanding of the principles of the various U.S. trade agreements and be able to help clients understand the programs.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Increase the competitiveness of exported products by lowering the cost to the foreign customers.
  • Determine the right FTA or USMCA preference criteria for your products.
  • Establish the correct country foreign marking.
  • Navigate with ease through source materials such as Annex 401.
  • Correctly prepare FTA Certificates of Origin for all eligible exports.
  • Understand and comply with all record-keeping requirements.
  • Receive preferential duty treatments for your exports under a FTA.
  • Employ regional value content to determine eligibility when RVC is an option.
  • Designate intermediate materials when employing RVC to assist in determining eligibility.

Who Should Attend

  • Import/Export managers, supervisors and coordinators
  • Sales
  • Management

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