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Ask Me Anything: Understanding the Harmonized System for Import-Export Classifications

An expert answers questions about properly classifying your products for import and export.

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Anthony CambasBefore you can import or export your products, you need to identify the correct 10-digit classification of your products. In the United States, that's typically the Harmonized Tariff Schedule code for imports and the Schedule B codes for exports.

In this free Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, expert Anthony Cambas answered common questions about finding the right codes. Anthony works for the University of Mississippi/Mississippi Small Business Development Center network as manager for international trade, and he is a licensed customs broker and former U.S. Customs import specialist team leader. In addition, Tony has served as a Senior Adviser and Consultant on Customs and Trade  Modernization, export development, trade facilitation and enforcement matters in nearly 20 countries overall in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

This one-hour webinar is completely devoted to questions about the Harmonized System; understanding the General Rules of Interpretation, General Notes, and Trade Preference Provisions; applying the classification process to free trade agreements; and other related topics.

Who Should Attend

  • Import and export staff at companies involved in international trade.

  • Purchasing personnel who source parts and products from international suppliers.

  • International sales representatives and their managers.

  • Customs brokerage personnel looking to expand their knowledge.

  • International freight forwarder staff seeking to better understand the import-export process.

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