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Introduction to Shipping Dangerous Goods

Join dangerous goods and hazmat specialist Rob Smith in this webinar as he teaches you the basics of shipping hazardous materials and dangerous goods.

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Rob Smith

Compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) hazmat regulations begins with taking responsibility of the articles or substances that are deemed classified as hazardous materials. These materials must be offered for transport with a statement included in the shipping papers that certifies a hazardous material shipment is in full compliance.

This one-hour webinar explains the basics of shipping dangerous goods, including how to classify, package and pack them; and how to correctly complete dangerous goods forms. You’ll also come away with an understanding of the training you’ll need to become certified to ship these goods. The webinar also walks you through the creation of a dangerous goods form using Shipping Solutions export software.

Who Should Watch 

Anyone who currently ships or plans to start shipping dangerous goods, including:

  • Individuals responsible for packing goods for shipping

  • Individuals responsible for completing Dangerous Goods forms

  • International shipping and logistics managers

  • Chief compliance officers

What You Will Learn 

  • The definition of hazardous materials/dangerous goods

  • How to classify dangerous goods

  • How to package and pack dangerous goods

  • How to understand dangerous goods marks and labels

  • How to complete dangerous goods paperwork

  • How to use Shipping Solutions to create required dangerous goods forms

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