On: May 22, 2023     By: David Noah

Understanding International Sales Contracts

An international sales contract is an agreement between a buyer and a seller that identifies the parties in the transaction, the goods being sold, the terms of the sale, and the price to be paid. While most exporters and importers don't create a formal written contract, there are many reasons why you should.

On: May 8, 2023     By: David Noah

6 Areas of Your Company That Need Export Training

To be a successful exporter, you need more than a smart export department. You need people in all areas of your organization who understand exporting. Here are six departments within your company that may be part of your export process and what they need to know.

On: May 8, 2023     By: Kari Crane

International Trade Briefing: May 2023 [Video]

In the May edition of International Trade Briefing, you'll learn about changes in how BIS handles compliance violations and whistleblowing, concerns over the reduction of government personnel supporting small and medium-sized exporters, red flags to watch for to avoid Russia's attempts to evade sanctions, the digital trade boom, and the USTR's annual report on intellectual property protection and enforcement.

On: May 3, 2023     By: Kari Crane

Avoid Export Violations on Your Domestic Sales

Even if your business only sells domestically, you could still be held liable for export violations. But there are some precautions you can take to protect your business—know your customer, understand the regulations, use a destination control statement and maintain accurate records.

On: May 1, 2023     By: David Noah

5 Excuses Exporters Should Avoid

Organizations that have a business disruption or disaster recovery plan in place are better prepared to respond to heretofore unthinkable problems like managing supply chain disruptions and monitoring and complying with ever-changing import and export compliance restrictions.


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