On: December 11, 2023     By: Kari Crane

What Is a Certificate of Analysis?

Especially in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, you might need to include a certificate of analysis (COA) with your export documents. Learn who needs one, how to create one and the essential information it should contain—along with the consequences of noncompliance.

On: October 23, 2023     By: Kari Crane

Lacey Act Compliance: A Guide for Importers

If you import goods that contain paper, wood or plant-based materials, you may need to file a Lacey Act declaration. And later this year even more products will fall under the jurisdiction of the Lacey Act. Learn about its purpose, enforcement and how to meet your compliance responsibilities.

On: October 2, 2023     By: Arnesh Roy

A Glossary of International Shipping Terms

Don't be overwhelmed by the hundreds of international shipping terms. We've published a glossary of more than 250 trade terms used by importers and exporters. Bookmark this page and refer to it when you stumble across a word or acronym that has you stumped.

On: September 13, 2023     By: Mitch Kostoulakos

How to Determine Value for U.S. Customs

Typically the commercial invoice value is used by U.S. Customs and Border Protection for duty calculation. But when the invoice value cannot be used or the transaction isn't clear-cut, CBP uses an appraisement hierarchy to ensure a fair and consistent valuation of imported goods for customs purposes. Learn how to apply the appraisement hierarchy.

On: August 16, 2023     By: John Goodrich

Import Record-Keeping Compliance: A Checklist Approach

As an importer, you are required to retain records relative to your importing for five years from the date of entry. Use this checklist to teach staff how to audit an import file, and keep it to demonstrate that you have done your audit work and are in compliance.

On: August 2, 2023     By: Arnesh Roy

What Is Landed Cost?

Landed cost calculates the entire cost of importing or exporting your goods, including shipping, handling, customs duties and fees, and more, allowing you to be more strategic and better prepared. We explain what's included in landed cost, the role of Incoterms and how software can simplify the process.


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