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4 Steps to Identify and Manage Supply Chain Risks

Supply chain management (SCM) continues to evolve and change as the world continues to be impacted by technological advances, crises of many forms, changing partnerships and available assets, all bringing the constant need for risk analysis. The largest supply chain disruptions come in the form of weather, technology and commutation. While companies cannot control disruptions like the weather, with planning and the creation of standards, they can control how they react. Risk management is a growing necessity and if not done well can negatively impact an organization.

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Should You Hire an Export Coordinator?

Exporting is something that should be taken seriously, no matter the size of your company. To do that, you may need to hire a professional to manage the process and ensure it’s being done correctly. In many situations, hiring an export coordinator for that role can be an important part of that process.

We spoke with Niall Lynchehaun, managing director at Midland Stone, and Richard Clews, founder of and a former export coordinator, to learn more about the role of an export coordinator and how to identify when you need to hire one for your business.

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23 Key U.S. Export Facts Every Company Should Know

Companies interested in growth, profitability and staying competitive can’t turn their backs on exporting. With 95% of the world’s consumers living outside of the United States, that’s millions of potential new customers, and technology has made them easier-than-ever to reach.

Don’t let the headlines convince you otherwise. Sure, exporters have faced huge challenges the last few years between the pandemic, supply chain issues and global conflict. But that doesn’t mean exporting is bad business. In fact, exports hit record levels in 2021. With the right resources and partners, exporting is a business opportunity companies of all sizes should consider. 

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How to Manage a Remote Export Team

Unless you handle all parts of the export process by yourself, being an exporter means coordinating the efforts of a team of people within and outside your company to ensure your goods reach their final destination on time, on budget, undamaged and without surprise.

That’s hard enough when everyone is working in the same office. But when you are working with a remote team, you face new challenges.

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Freight Forwarder Pricing: What Are These Extra Fees on My Invoice?

One of the more common questions we hear from new exporters is, “What are these fees on my freight forwarder's invoice?”

We spoke to Tom Hullinger, regional vice president at Global Distribution and Logistics, a freight forwarder based out of Chicago, to find out what charges—common and non-standard—you can expect to see when you get your freight forwarder pricing list.

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