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Everything you could want to make completing your export documents faster and more accurate than ever.

Create Export Forms 5X Faster than Traditional Methods

If creating export documents means entering your export shipment information over and over again, you’ll love how much time you’ll save with Shipping Solutions software. Enter your information once, and the software automatically formats and places it on the right spot on the right forms.

Not only does Shipping Solutions save you time, it improves the accuracy of your export paperwork by reducing typos and inconsistent documents that slow shipments and can delay payments for your exports.

Best of all it’s easy to use, so you can begin saving time immediately.

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File through the Automated Export System (AES)

As an exporter, you are probably required to file your export information electronically through the Automated Export System (AES). If you’re filing yourself, you’re probably going to the AESDirect website and retyping all your export shipment information. What a waste of time! With Shipping Solutions, you can simply click a button to submit your export information to AES without any redundant data entry.

If you’re paying a third party like your freight forwarder to file on your behalf, you’re probably paying between $50 and $125 per shipment. Shipping Solutions makes it easy to file yourself by prompting you to enter all the required information before you submit it to AES.

Remember, the U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations make you liable for the accuracy of the information that gets filed through AES even if you are paying a third party to file on your behalf. The best way to make sure accurate information gets filed is to do it yourself, and Shipping Solutions makes it easy!

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Stay Compliant with Current U.S. Export Regulations

Make sure that more than just your export documents are done right. Shipping Solutions’ Export Compliance Module includes three tools for avoiding fines and other penalties that could cost you—and your company—dearly.

Restricted Party Screening—The U.S. government publishes dozens of lists of individuals and organizations with whom you can’t do business. A click of a button checks all the parties in your export transactions against all these lists and tells you if there are any matches.

Export License Determination—Before you ship your goods, you need to determine whether or not you must first get an export license. Selecting this compliance option checks the destination of your shipment and your products’ classification under ITAR’s U.S. Munitions List or the EAR’s Commerce Control List and warns you if a license is required or a license exception may be available.

Document Determination—Make sure you understand what documents you need to create and include with your shipment based on Customs regulations in the U.S. and the destination country.

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See how radically Shipping Solutions can improve 
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"We use Shipping Solutions by InterMart. Using this software greatly reduced the amount of time it took us to generate Word or Excel based documents. It also provides for consistency of information between the documents —no more incidental typos!"

Jodi Schneider
American Dairy Brands

"This is such a great tool! I love the Windows look and the ease with which it works. I feel very confident recommending Shipping Solutions to all my customers who export."

Mary Apking
Alco Spring Industries, Inc.

"Thank you so much for developing an export software program that is actually user friendly! I am so thrilled to have this new tool at my fingertips. I just installed it this morning and cannot believe how easy it is to use."

Joy Keller
OS Walker Co.