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Because other software companies were — and still are — ignoring small and medium-sized companies who export, Shipping Solutions quickly became the #1 selling export documentation software in America.

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David Noah - 2020 I began the company in May 1995 as an international trading company marketing, selling and shipping children’s products from the United States to Japan. In the course of doing business, I became frustrated with the amount of time my staff and I were spending preparing our export documents. After researching the marketplace and discovering that there wasn’t an affordable software solution available to small and mid-sized businesses, we created our own software program to automate the export documentation process.
Our freight forwarder loved the forms we were providing along with our shipments, and they began recommending our software to their other clients. After giving away a few copies of the software to our fellow local exporters and getting back very positive feedback, we decided to try to market our software more broadly. Shipping Solutions was born!
Because other software companies were—and still are—ignoring small and medium-sized companies who export (who, by the way, represent 97% of U.S. exporters), Shipping Solutions quickly became the #1 selling export documentation software in America. And that’s a claim we can continue to make today.
Since we introduced the first version of Shipping Solutions, we have been continuously working to improve the software. From our very first customer, we have been actively soliciting feedback so we know what new features, which additional forms, and what improvements we can add to the software to make it even better.
Now we have thousands of U.S. and Canadian customers using Shipping Solutions to prepare their export documents easier, faster and cheaper than ever before. If you’re one of our current customers, I want to thank you for your business and I’d appreciate your feedback.
Feel free to talk to us anytime by visiting our contact page. If you’re not yet a Shipping Solutions customer but are interested in learning more about the software, call us at 888-890-7447. We’ll do what we can to answer your questions about the software. Thanks for your interest in Shipping Solutions.
I look forward to hearing from you.

David M. Noah

David M. Noah
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