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David Noah

In order to succeed in international trade, companies need to make sure they are complying with the often overwhelming variety of international trade regulations. Even companies that know and understand the regulations often have a difficult time putting a system in place so that every location, department and individual at their company follows the appropriate compliance procedures. Failure to comply can result in fines, restrictions on exporting and importing, and in the worst cases, even jail time.

Shipping Solutions' Trade Wizards makes staying compliant as easy as logging into a website and affordable for companies of all sizes. And because your international trade compliance needs may differ from what other companies need, you can subscribe to only those services you actually need.

Restricted Party Screening Wizard
No matter who you are, where you are located, and what you are exporting, certain government agencies prohibit you from exporting to certain people, companies, organizations and countries. Our Restricted Party Screening Wizard allows you to check these people and organizations against scores of denied party lists at one time.

Product Classification Wizard
Quickly identify the proper HTS classification for your products for identifying proper duty rates. Use the HTS code for your products in one country to determine the proper HTS code in another country. Determine whether your products have an export control number that is used to verify export license requirements.

Export Controls Wizard
Use the export control number to determine if your product requires an export license before you can send it to another country or see if an export license exemption might exist.

Import Controls Wizard
Before you can legally import any goods into a country, the customs authority in that country must authorize the delivery of the goods to their final destination. The Import Controls Wizard makes you aware of any import requirements including import licenses and permits, various types of certificates, tariff rates and quotes, and anti-dumping and countervailing duties.

Landed Cost Calculator
There's more to determining how much an item costs than the sales price of the goods. The Landed Cost Calculator helps you determine an accurate estimate of the full landed cost of your products by calculating the various import duties, VAT and excise taxes, and other government fees, as well as transportation, handling and insurance fees required to move the goods to their final destination.

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