A relatively small number of products exported from the United States require an export license from either the U.S. Department of Commerce or another U.S. agency like the State Department. Do your products require an export license? It depends on their technical characteristics, the destination, the end-users and the end uses.


Watch How Export Controls Work

The Export Controls Wizard helps you make that determination. Just enter the date, country of export, country of manufacture, country of import, and correct classification for your product. The Wizard will display whether or not a license is required and if there are any potential license exceptions that may be available. The Wizard also displays the logic behind the determination so you know exactly why a license was or was not required.

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Shipping Solutions has been our go-to software to make sure our company is adhering to all USA international trade compliance rules and regulations. It makes the relatively complex and intimidating task of compliance easy, especially in a fast-paced environment where speed and convenience are important to get the job done.

Lauren Lapic

Shipping Solutions' International Trade Compliance Wizards play an important role in keeping us compliant with import-export regulations. I particularly like the Audit Trail, which makes it easy to keep our screening records up to date.

Catherine Smith
Buyer & Import/Export Control Manager
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.