Shipping Solutions® Frequently Asked Questions

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  • If I only need the features available in Shipping Solutions Classic now, can I upgrade to the Shipping Solutions Professional or Shipping Solutions Enterprise versions later?
    Yes, if your company currently doesn’t do much exporting or can’t afford to invest in Shipping Solutions Professional right now, you can start using Shipping Solutions Classic and upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise version later at a discounted price. Best of all, you will be able to access all the previous shipments you created in Shipping Solutions Classic.
  • I own a previous version of Shipping Solutions, can I upgrade to the current version, or do I have to buy a complete new version of the software?
    All Shipping Solutions users with a current Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) subscription can upgrade to the latest version of the software free of charge. If you don't have an active AMP subscription and you are using Shipping Solutions Classic 8 or Shipping Solutions Professional 9, you can upgrade to the latest version of the software at a discounted price. Contact Shipping Solutions at 1-888-890-7447 about upgrading.
  • I'm using an older version of Shipping Solutions. How can I see what's new in the latest version of the software?
    Click here to see a timeline of all the Shipping Solutions versions. If you click on the version number, you'll find a list of what's new in that version.
  • Can I add my company logo to my export documents?
    Yes, Shipping Solutions gives you two options for adding your logo to select export documents printed from the software: (1) you can store an electronic version of your logo in the software and then assign that logo to one or more of your Shipping Solutions software users so it will appear on the export forms whenever they print out those specific export forms; or (2) you can change the top margins of one or more documents so they can print on your company letterhead. You'll find detailed instructions for both options in the Shipping Solutions User Guide.
  • Can I scan in my signature and add it to my export forms?
    Yes, Shipping Solutions allows you to add one or more scanned signatures to the software and then select the appropriate signature for the appropriate documents. Follow the instructions in the blog post, Create a Great Signature for Your Export Documents.
  • Can I link Shipping Solutions to my company's accounting system?
    Shipping Solutions Professional and Shipping Solutions Enterprise's Data Exchange Manager (DXM) allows you to import orders from your accounting, order-entry or ERP system further reducing the time and effort it takes to complete your export paperwork. Because the DXM allows you to import data using an ODBC connection, two delimited text files, or a single XML file, you can import orders from almost every system. We have customers who have imported orders from SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, AS400 systems, a variety of different manufacturing systems, and even small accounting packages like QuickBooks. In fact, we have never encountered a system that wouldn't integrate with Shipping Solutions Professional.
  • I can't send an email directly from my Shipping Solutions Professional software. What’s happening?

    Certain corporate-wide email programs are configured with a variety of security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the company’s email server. Unfortunately, these security measures may prevent you from sending an email directly from the Shipping Solutions Professional software.

    Fortunately, there is a very easy work around for this problem. Rather than selecting the option to Email the PDF, just choose the option to Print to PDF. This option will allow you to save the export form on your hard drive. You can now open your email program as you normally would, create a new email message, and simply attach the export form or forms that you save on your hard drive to this email.

  • Will any version of Shipping Solutions work on a Macintosh?
    We receive such a small number of requests for Shipping Solutions from Macintosh users, we have not created a Mac version of the program. However, some Mac computers allow you to run Windows-based software programs.
  • Where can I get a copy of the Shipping Solutions User Guide?
    The latest version of the Shipping Solutions User Guide is always available online. Click here to view the User Guide. In addition, we've recorded several videos that walk you through many of the Shipping Solutions features. Click here to see the list of available videos.

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