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Do you need to reprint a set of export documents? Shipping Solutions makes it easy to search through all your shipments to find the one you’re looking for. Is there a last-minute change to a shipment? Find the shipment record, edit the data, and print a new set of forms.

Do you make regular shipments to certain customers? Find your last shipment, click a button to copy the information to a new shipment record so you preserve the integrity of your old shipment data, make whatever changes you need to make, and print a new set of forms in a fraction of the time of starting from scratch.




When it comes time to take a broader view of your export shipping information, Shipping Solutions provides a preformatted list of reports. View, print or email a report that identifies how much you’ve shipped to a particular country or with a particular freight forwarder or several other metrics within a date range you define.

If you can’t find a premade report that meets your needs, you can create a custom report in Shipping Solutions using any of the export data you need. You can then save that report as an Excel spreadsheet file.

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