On: March 27, 2024     By: Kari Crane

Top Exporting Challenges [Survey Data]

Unsure how your export practices compare to others? Our survey of exporters reveals diverse export volumes, reach and challenges. Learn about the key concerns facing exporters, including regulations, payment, costs and documentation. Plus, we share resources to navigate these challenges.

On: February 14, 2024     By: Kari Crane

Create a Bank Draft to Get Paid for Your Exports

If you're concerned about securing payment for your international exports, bank drafts offer a layer of trust and protection, especially when dealing with unfamiliar clients or regions. This article explains how they work, benefits for exporters, and how to use them with letters of credit and documentary collections.

On: February 12, 2024     By: Arnesh Roy

House Bill of Lading vs. Master Bill of Lading

A house bill of lading is always a receipt for a shipment from one exporter, while a master bill of lading is a receipt that could potentially cover the shipments of many exporters, as they are consolidated by the carrier into a larger shipment.

On: January 29, 2024     By: David Noah

USMCA Certificate of Origin Filling Software and How to Complete It

Learn how to create a USMCA certificate of origin, and how to simplify the process and eliminate redundant data entry with Shipping Solutions. Every time you create a certificate of origin—whether once a year or more frequently—you will have a record of the certificates you’ve created.

On: December 26, 2023     By: Arnesh Roy

5 Reasons to Invest in Export Documentation Software

Successful exporters know that accurate export documents are important for getting your goods to their final destination and making sure you get paid on time. Export documentation software allows you to quickly create your export forms and help you stay compliant with export regulations.

On: December 11, 2023     By: Kari Crane

What Is a Certificate of Analysis?

Especially in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, you might need to include a certificate of analysis (COA) with your export documents. Learn who needs one, how to create one and the essential information it should contain—along with the consequences of noncompliance.

On: December 4, 2023     By: David Noah

11 Documents Required for Exporting

Once an international sale is made, the hard work is just beginning. You need to ship the goods to your buyer in a timely manner and make sure you get paid in full and on time. The key for both is to provide accurate export documents. Here we explain 11 of the most common export forms.

On: November 6, 2023     By: David Noah

Proforma vs. Commercial Invoice: What’s the Difference?

At first glance, the differences between a proforma and commercial invoice appear small. But when you understand how and when both types of invoices are properly used in an import-export transaction, you see how important it is to accurately complete both forms.


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