On: February 20, 2023     By: Katy McIntosh

Import Compliance: The True Cost of Hand Carries

When an employee or contractor is headed across a border to visit a business partner, companies sometimes send commercial goods along, too. These are known as hand carries, and they can be a risky way to transport commercial items. Here's a look at what you need to understand to stay compliant.

On: February 8, 2023     By: Sean Whitworth

Understanding Your Ocean Freight Invoice

If you've looked at all of the fees on your ocean freight invoice and wondered if you're being incorrectly charged, you'll want to read this article. We explain all of the line items you're likely to see on your next invoice.

On: February 6, 2023     By: David Noah

Buying Export Documentation Software: What to Consider

In this article, we’ll look at different ways for exporters to complete export documentation—manually through templates and documents, or through various types of software—and which method is best for small businesses, midsize businesses and larger companies.

On: February 6, 2023     By: Kari Crane

International Trade Briefing: February 2023 [Video]

Here's what has us talking in February 2023 about international trade: (1) New Defense Trade Controls coming in 2023; (2) Two new laws impacting U.S. sanctions and export controls; (3) New incentives for companies to self-report compliance violations; (4) Two new AES alerts; and more.

On: January 30, 2023     By: David Noah

Why I Hate Routed Export Transactions

When agreeing to a routed export transaction, an exporter faces several potential risks: the Electronic Export Information may be filed incorrectly or not at all; export compliance violations may occur; you can't choose the freight forwarder; and you may not know where your goods end up.


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