On: June 19, 2024     By: David Noah

What Is Denied Party Screening?

Exporters should perform denied party screening for every transaction. Learn what that means and how it’s different from restricted party screening. Plus, there's an easier way to stay compliant without manually checking 140+ lists for every single export transaction.

On: June 10, 2024     By: Kari Crane

International Trade Briefing: June 2024 [Video]

Here's what we're talking about this month: President Biden quadruples tariffs on Chinese EVs—how will this impact the industry and the broader trade landscape? • U.S. ports are experiencing an unprecedented surge in container imports, driving up costs. • A Federal Reserve survey reveals ongoing supply chain struggles. • Congress has doubled the statute of limitations for sanctions violations. • CBP is tightening the rules on origin documentation for imports.


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