On: October 31, 2022     By: David Noah

What Is Supply Chain Management? Your Go-To Guide

Supply chain management is how a business gets its product from Point A to Point B, including all logistics, risks and risk mitigation taken. By streamlining the supply chain, companies can save money on inventory costs, transportation costs and other operational expenses.

On: October 24, 2022     By: Dr. Cheryl McCloud

What Is Supply Chain Flexibility?

Traditional supply chains operate rigidly and don't respond to change well, which we've seen play out in negative ways over the last several years. Here are nine areas where flexibility can be built into the supply chain, creating a way for companies to respond when things don't go exactly as planned.

On: October 19, 2022     By: Kari Crane

Marine Cargo Insurance: Why You Need It for Your Exports

If your exports are traveling by sea, consider this: There are many instances where ocean carriers can’t be held liable for damages and other times when you might need to share the cost of damages, even if your good weren't involved. Learn why exporters should consider marine cargo insurance.

On: October 17, 2022     By: David Noah

Export Compliance Basics: Beware of Antiboycott Provisions

U.S. exporters are prohibited from complying with requests to boycott Israel and certain other countries, and recently BIS strengthened enforcement. Exporters can get in trouble with U.S. antiboycott regulations if they don't read the fine print in a foreign purchase order or sales contract. Learn what to watch for and how enforcement has changed.

On: October 12, 2022     By: John Goodrich

Importing Basics: Country of Origin

It's important to know the correct country of origin for your imports into the United States, because U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) uses that information to determine the proper duty rates to assess and whether preferential trade agreements, trade sanctions or import quotas may apply.

On: October 10, 2022     By: Catherine J. Petersen

10 Items That Belong on Your Export Commercial Invoices

Your commercial invoice serves several important functions in the export process. Besides helping you get paid, it helps you clear customs, stay compliant with export regulations and collect against insurance policies if anything goes wrong. Here's what needs to appear on your invoices.

On: October 5, 2022     By: David Noah

International Trade Compliance Software: How It Works

It doesn't matter if your company is large or small. If you export, you need to comply with export regulations. Too many companies put export compliance on the back burner because they think it's too difficult to implement. But with the right tools—software designed for that purpose—it's easy to do right.


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