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Determining the Country of Origin for Your Products

Avoid penalties and delays during export by understanding how to correctly declare and document country of origin.

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Alex SonifrankBrian Smith

Country of origin is important for determining and regulating duty rates, preferential trade agreements, trade sanctions and import quotas. This webinar will focus on finding the correct country of origin for your export goods and preparing accurate documentation. Mislabelling or not identifying the origin of your goods could mean extra penalties, delays and complications during export. Further, your origin documentation is likely to be reused by distributors in the country of import, so getting it right is vital to keeping customers.
Join us for a free, one-hour webinar featuring experts from the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce (AWTCC): Chamber Director Brian Smith has a background in document digitization for organizations around the world and Partnerships Manager Alex Sonifrank has assisted with customs clearance for exporters throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Alex has presented on country of origin alongside the U.S. Commercial Service and for many chambers of commerce throughout the United States. The AWTCC is the U.S. representative to the ICC WCF International Certificate of Origin Council and the first U.S. chamber accredited by the ICC on certificates of origin.
What You'll Learn
  • Fundamentals of origin determination.
  • Rules around origin transformations.
  • Distinctions between origin and “made in” language.
  • Preparing the certificate of origin.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone responsible for import or export operations.
  • Management.
  • Trade compliance specialists.
  • International/global logistics personnel.
  • Directors of global distribution.

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