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11 Documents Required for Exporting

As an exporter, you are required to provide a variety of documents to facilitate the transport, customs clearance, and payment for your shipment. This one-hour webinar explains the most common export forms you may need to provide.

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lisa David Noah

Once you've made an international sale, it's important that you accurately complete a set of export documents. These documents will make sure the people transporting your goods know where they are going. The forms will help you clear your goods through customs in a timely manner and without unexpected fees, and they will make sure you get paid on time.

Join David Noah, founder and president of Shipping Solutions, the most used export documentation and compliance software, as he talks about the 11 most common documents required for an export shipment including what they look like, what type of information typically appears on the form, and how it will be used. Lisa Nemer, vice-president of Shipping Solutions, will demonstrate how using software can improve the ease and the speed of creating accurate export paperwork.

What You'll Learn

  • How to mitigate risk in foreign trade.

  • The 11 most common documents required for an export shipment and where they are used in the export process.

  • The information that typically appears on the various export forms and why it is needed.

  • A brief explanation of the electronic export information (EEI) that often must be filed through AESDirect on the ACE portal.

  • An introduction to some important export-related terms related to properly completing export forms documents including HTS and Schedule B Codes, Incoterms 2020, the Destination Control Statement, and routed export transactions.

Who Should Attend

  • Members of your company's export shipping and/or logistics departments who must fill out the export documents and work with freight forwarders and shipping companies to arrange transportation of your goods.

  • International trade finance employees who need to understand how export documents are used to ensure prompt payment for your goods.

  • Everyone involved in ensuring compliance with U.S. and foreign trade regulations.

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