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Elements of an International Business Plan

7.8 billion potential customers. You're gonna need an International Business Plan!

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A robust International Business Plan addresses the opportunity presented by 7.8 billion potential customers while minimizing risk to the company. This one-hour presentation is taught by Certified Global Business Professionals Laurie Piper, vice-president for entrepreneurship and business for the Greater Topeka Partnership, and John Addessi, international trade advisor with the Kansas Small Business Development Center.

The webinar begins with a discussion of why companies should create a formal plan for entering or expanding into foreign markets, then addresses critical steps in the planning process and mistakes to avoid. It then dives into the components of an international business plan, some familiar to business advisors and domestic clients, and some unique to international trade, such as:

  • Product/service selection and modification

  • Market selection

  • Research tools to assess foreign markets

  • Finding overseas customers, partners and resources

  • Cultural concerns

  • Legal and regulatory issues

  • Risk mitigation

  • Logistics

  • Pricing

  • Intellectual property issues

  • The financial analysis that must accompany an international expansion.

Finally, the speakers share resources that will enable advisors and businesses to find and utilize actionable data to determine their best foreign market(s). International trade is a robust ecosystem, and exporters have an array of tools and resources at their command to get ready to face the world. The International Business Plan is the first step.

What You'll Learn

  • How to mitigate risk in foreign trade.

  • The key components and additions to a domestic business plan that will be necessary for success in foreign trade.

  • Methodology, data and resources to utilize in choosing foreign market(s).

  • An introduction to pricing issues, logistics, payment terms.

  • Resources to provide working capital, foreign buyer credit, foreign accounts receivable insurance.

Who Should Watch

  • Small business owners and officers interested in expanding their customer base internationally.
  • Business advisors, accountants and attorneys to small businesses entering or expanding via international trade.

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