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Violating international trade regulations can slow your shipments, delay payments, and cost you thousands in fines and other penalties.

If your company is like most companies, the biggest challenge to implementing proper import and export controls is finding an easy way to integrate them into your import and/or export processes. If your export staff can’t easily check a customer against the Restricted Party lists, for example, it may not get done. That’s especially true if the compliance process substantially delays the shipping process.

That’s why Shipping Solutions has created a menu of online international trade compliance tools that make the compliance process as easy as visiting a website. And because your import-export compliance needs may differ from what other companies need, we’ve made our menu of tools à la carte, so you can subscribe to only those services you actually need.

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Our Trade Compliance Software helps with:

Product Classification
Easily identify the proper HTS number for your imports and the correct Schedule B code for your exports. Quickly determine if your goods have an ECCN or USML category for export license determination.

Restricted Party Screening
Check ALL the U.S. lists—as well as the United Nations list, European Union list, and lists from several other countries—at one time and in just seconds.

Export Controls
Quickly determine if your product requires an export license based on its classification and destination and if there are any potential license exceptions you can use.

Import Controls
Quickly identify any import controls that may exist for your products and/or the countries from which they are originating and learn what support documentation is needed.

Landed Cost Calculator
Account for classification, country of origin, country of manufacture, the Incoterms 2020 rule you are using, import duties, taxes and other government charges to determine the final cost of delivering a product to its destination. Simultaneously compare products imported from up to four different countries.

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