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Working with Your Broker for Import Compliance

Establishing a strong working relationship with your customs broker helps ensure a well-run, compliant import entry process.

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Importers often rely on customs brokers to help manage their import entry process. But that doesn't mean turning the process over to them and walking away. Successful import companies understand that working with their customs broker is a collaborative process, since a broker depends on the importer to provide essential information.

Jack Shelton - AEGIS

In this one-hour webinar, attorney and licensed customs broker Jack Shelton explains the role of the customs broker, the general process of entering merchandise into the United States including properly classifying and valuing the goods, and how the importer and broker can work together to ensure compliance.

What You'll Learn 

  • The role of the customs broker.

  • How the Customs Modernization Act applies to your imports.

  • The general process of "entering" merchandise into the U.S.

  • The process of classifying your merchandise.

  • The process for determining the proper valuation of goods.

  • Preference programs and free trade agreements.

  • Proper country of origin markings.

Who Should Attend 

  • Owners and members of the corporate C-Suite of companies engaged in international trade.

  • International purchasing agents and their managers.

  • Your company's legal team.

  • International logistics personnel.

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