Beverage distributor saves a day and $200 on every shipment


Shadigee Co.
Medina, New York


Shadigee Co. needed to stay current with regulations and requirements and wanted to upgrade their export software from QuickBooks to something made for the exporting industry.


Shipping Solutions Classic saves Shadigee time and money and gets their goods to port every time.

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Export Document Software Case Study - Shadigee



Shadigee Company is a distributor of Arizona Tea.  While shipments go all around the world, president and owner Brian Napoli’s biggest customer is in China.


Napoli was using QuickBooks for most of his export paperwork, but he had a hard time keeping up with new export regulations.  After his customers needed more information to import his product than he could give them with Quickbooks, Napoli decided he needed a solution.

A brief look at the Shipping Solutions website led Napoli to download the trial version of the software.  Loading the databases was fairly easy, and he sent sample documents to his suppliers who really liked them.  After looking at other potential solutions, Napoli purchased Shipping Solutions Classic.

Napoli says Shipping Solutions saves him time and money both in completing the export documents and getting shipments to his customers.  He estimates that he saves about a day and $200 on every shipment because he only has to enter export information once, and the software automatically formats it for every form he prints.  

Napoli also saves a couple of days at port because he has the proper documentation with the correct information.  For example, the Certificate of Origin that he used to use didn’t have the information needed and held up his shipments.  But when he took the Shipping Solutions Certificate of Origin to his local chamber office to be signed, he was told the certificate was perfect.  Since using it Napoli hasn’t heard a single complaint.

As he’s used Shipping Solutions, Napoli has found other features that he likes.  Adding a logo to his documents gives a professional touch, and he regularly uses the software’s conversion calculator.  He’s already looking at upgrading to the Professional version so he can run restricted party screenings on potential customers.

 Napoli praises Shipping Solutions customer service for helping him quickly resolve a couple technical issues he encountered when installing the software.  He found that the customer service representative was willing to take the time needed to work through the problem.

Napoli is so pleased with Shipping Solutions that when asked what he would tell potential Shipping Solutions customers, he says, “I’d tell them ‘here’s the web address – buy it.’”

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