“I would definitely recommend Shipping Solutions. It’s not only a quality product, but the customer service and support team is exceptional. You really can’t ask for a better program.”
-Debbie Romine McMillan

Company Name

    Spenco Medical Corp.
    Waco, Texas


Industry: Footwear
Shipping Solutions Version: Professional 9


Debbie Romine
Transportation Order

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Spenco Medical Corp., headquartered in Waco, Texas, is an innovative healthcare company that specializes in high-quality insole and footwear products.

The company is also known for its advanced sports medicine and first aid products. According to Debbie Romine McMillan, Spenco’s transportation/order service manager, the company distributes and sells thousands of products through its website and a vast network of dealers.

Spenco began using Shipping Solutions Classic in 2003 to replace an outdated processing system, which consisted of manually processing their export shipments.

This also helped streamline their international process system. In 2009, Spenco upgraded to Shipping Solutions Professional which now keeps them up to date with international regulations and processes.

A Big Time Saver

For Debbie and her team, the biggest time-saving benefit of Shipping Solutions is its search function. “Even though we keep hard copy files, you can always go back and reference an order so much easier by just searching for it,” she shares. The database alone—which holds products, customers and vendors— just makes things so much easier!” she says.

Debbie says, “Shipping Solutions is so user-friendly it doesn’t require a lot of hands-on training. Your forms are always up to date, and the compliance and screening options are very good.”

When Spenco evaluated a handful of potential software packages in 2003, Shipping Solutions emerged a clear winner, recalls Debbie. “We did look at a few other software packages, and to be honest, we went with Shipping Solutions because I felt like it was more of what we needed. The features and ease-of-use were good. And also the cost.” Spenco

Spenco Medical CorpDebbie found costs to be “astronomical” for the other options she was weighing. After reading several customer reviews and trade magazine articles, Shipping Solutions won out.

“You Really Can’t Ask for Better Customer Service”

The integration of the software went smoothly, says Debbie. “With the windows and drop-down options, the integration wasn’t hard. Once your databases are set up, the integration process is immediate; it’s just not hard at all.”

A few of the features Spenco uses frequently are the restricted party screening function and the Data Exchange Manager. And if she ever gets stuck, Debbie appreciates the teaching tools and weekly blog articles and tips that get published to Shipping Solutions’ website and International Trade Blog. “You really can’t ask for a better customer service or support team because if I have a problem, all I have to do is contact someone at the company,” she explains. “If they don’t know it immediately, then they find out or steer us in the right direction.”

Every international order leaving the shipping dock at Spenco requires at least five forms. In a month’s time, that’s hundreds of forms that don’t have to be completed by laboriously handwriting data fields. Automation has made all the difference for Debbie and her team at Spenco Medical.

“I would definitely recommend Shipping Solutions. It’s not only a quality product, but the customer service and support team is exceptional. You really can’t ask for a better program.”

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