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Sample NAFTA Certificate of Origin Form

Not sure how to complete a NAFTA Certificate of Origin? This PDF form includes sample data, so you can see what a completed document should look like.

About the NAFTA Certificate of Origin


The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows substantial benefits for importers and exporters in Mexico, Canada and the United States for goods originating in one or more of the three nations. Before an importer can claim a reduced duty rate, the exporter declares the origin of the goods using the NAFTA Certificate of Origin.

The NAFTA Certificate of Origin:

  • Must be completed by the U.S. exporter. The U.S. exporter is responsible for determining the eligibility of the goods for NAFTA treatment and for providing the importer with the certificate. The exporter is also charged with determining the appropriate Rule of Origin for the merchandise.
  • Must be in the possession of the Canadian or Mexican importer at the time the declaration is made to either Canadian Customs or Mexican Customs.
  • Can be prepared for a single product on a one-time shipment or for multiple shipments of identical items for a period of up to one year (Blanket Certificate).

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