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Shipping Solutions Export Compliance Module (Video)

On: December 9, 2014    |    By: Lisa Nemer Lisa Nemer    |    4 min. read

Shipping Solutions Export Compliance Module VideoOne of the best reasons to renew your Shipping Solutions Annual Maintenance Program subscription is that it gives you access to the Export Compliance Module, which can be an important part of your company's Export Compliance Plan.

If you are ever audited by the Office of Export Enforcement, the FBI, or any other agency with export enforcement responsibilities, proof of an export compliance program will be a strong mitigating factor against penalties.

Watch the four minute video below to see how Shipping Solutions Professional can contribute to your company's compliance with U.S. export regulations.




Transcript of Video:

Welcome to Shipping Solutions Export Documentation and Compliance software. The Export Compliance Module can be an integral part of your company’s export compliance program and has three features:

  • Restricted Party Screening allows you to screen all the parties in your shipment against dozens of government lists of people and organizations to whom it is illegal to export.
  • Export License Determination screens your products based on their ECCN classification and the country you are shipping to in order to help determine if a license is needed to ship your goods.
  • Document Determination helps you determine which documents are needed for your shipment.

To run the Export Compliance Module first go to the EZ Start screen and prepare your shipment as you normally would by entering all the parties to your shipment on the Contacts screen and your line items on the Product Detail screen. Then click the Compliance button.

Let’s start by running restricted party screening. The screening runs against the names and addresses you entered on the Contacts screen. There are no required fields for running restricted party, but the more information you enter, the better your results. Click Run Compliance. A box pops up asking for a user name and password. You must have Shipping Solutions Professional or Shipping Solutions Enterprise and an active Annual Maintenance Program subscription to get a user name and password. Click OK.

The restricted party screening results show what was screened and any potential matches along with the match score, which tells you how close a match it is. In this case, the company screened shows a 95% match with a name on the Department of Treasury’s Specially Designated Nationals List. Most entries will not match exactly, so you need to make a business decision about whether it is a real match. All results with a 60% match or higher appear in the results.

Now let’s run export license determination. Export License Determination requires the Date of ExportExporter Country, and Ultimate Consignee Country. It also requires that each of your products has a Product ID.

The results show that an export license is required. You can verify this by looking at the country reasons for control and the ECCN reasons for control to see if there is a match, and there is on NS1, which is National Security. To see if there is a possible license exception, look for a match in these two lines, and there is an exception available, which is Strategic Trade Authorization. You need to read the notes and probably consult the Export Administration Regulations to determine if you qualify for the exception.

Next let’s run document determination. Document Determination requires the Mode of TransportDate of ExportExporter Country, and Ultimate Consignee Country.

The results show required export documents, documents required for the items you are shipping, and required import documents.

Shipping Solutions provides an Audit Trail where you can see all the screenings you have run for this shipment and pull up the results.

The Shipping Solutions shipment log can also help you with your company’s export compliance program. To access it go to EZ Start and Shipment Log. Here you can record the date and initials of the person who completes each type of screening and other tasks needed to comply with export regulations, such as filing with AES and completing the paperwork. You can modify the tasks in the Shipment Log to suit your business needs.

This shipment log and the export compliance module audit trail are invaluable if your company is ever audited by the Office of Export Enforcement, the FBI, or any other agency with export enforcement responsibilities.

To learn more about Shipping Solutions, give us a call or visit our website! Thank you for watching!


Lisa Nemer

About the Author: Lisa Nemer

Lisa Nemer leads the customer service and finance teams at Shipping Solutions, a software company that develops and sells export document and compliance software targeted specifically at small and mid-sized U.S. companies that export. If you have ever called Shipping Solutions with a question or problem you've probably talked to Lisa! Prior to joining Shipping Solutions, Lisa spent 14 years in finance and technology-related jobs for a Fortune 500 company in Minneapolis.

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