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The Shipping Solutions Export Software EZ Start-EEI Screen

On: February 7, 2017    |    By: Lisa Nemer Lisa Nemer    |    5 min. read

The Shipping Solutions EZ Start-EEI ScreenThis week I finish my discussion of the EEI-Electronic Export Information data-entry screen in the Shipping Solutions export documentation and compliance software. I discussed the top section of the screen in last week's blog post, and today we will review the bottom half of the EEI screen, which is found on the EZ Start tab.

The bottom half of the screen can best be described as a hodge-podge of fields that will be used to convey information to your forwarder so that they can file through AESDirect for you or that will be used to convey to your carrier that you have already done the filing yourself.

The lower half of the screen is divided into three sections: AES ITN, SLI in NCBFAA Format Only, and SLI in SED Format Only.


In this section is a box that is used to tell your carrier or forwarder that you have already filed your Electronic Export Information (EEI) or that you are not required to do so. If you have already filed, you should copy the ITN number you received from AESDirect when you submitted your filing into the AES ITN Code or Exemption Statement box. Precede the number with "AES." If you use Shipping Solutions to file, simply click the Get ITN button at the top of the AES screen, and Shipping Solutions will copy the number to this box for you.

Download this step-by-step guide: Filing Your Export Shipments through the  Automated Export System

If you do not need to file EEI with AESDirect, then use the AES ITN Code or Exemption Statement box to provide the exemption statement that applies. Some of the more common exemption statements are pre-loaded in the drop-down box.  For example, if you are shipping to Canada, choose AES Exemption: Canada Shipment in the drop-down box, and the proper exemption statement, which is NOEEI 30.36, will be copied into the box.  If the exemption statement that applies to your shipments is not in the drop-down list, you can add it by going to the Databases tab, Phrases screen.

The information in the AES ITN Code or Exemption Statement box will print on all versions of the Air Waybills, Ocean Bills of Lading, and Shipper's Letters of Instruction, so that your freight forwarder or carrier knows you have already filed or are exempt from filing.

SLI in NCBFAA Format Only

This section includes information that will help you complete the Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI) that is recommended by the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA). The SLI in NCBFAA format can be given to your freight forwarder so they can file your EEI information with AESDirect for you.

The DDTC Applicant Registration Number is only needed for items that are controlled by the Department of State through the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC).  If this applies to you and your forwarder is doing your AES filing for you, fill in the number here. However, if this applies to you and you are doing your own AESDirect filing, you must enter the Registration Number on the EZ Start tab, Product Detail screen on the AES Vehicle and DDTC Info tab so that it  will be uploaded by line item to AESDirect.

Click the Freight Location Company button to enter the street address (no P.O. boxes allowed) where the cargo begins its journey to the port of export. This may be different than the USPPI address and can even be a location not owned or leased by the USPPI. You can also enter the Freight Location Company on the EZ Start tab, Contacts screen. Right click in the white box and choose Add Contact. Then select Freight Location Company and select the address from the Contacts database.

Although the Signature box is in this section, it also applies to the SLI in SED Format Only section. The signature assigned to this shipment's Profile will appear here, but you can override it by selecting another signature from the drop-down list. Watch this video to learn more about adding signatures to your export documents.

This section also includes three check boxes. Check the $2500 or Less box if you have other items in your shipment that you are not showing on the SLI in NCBFAA format because they do not require an AES filing due to being valued at less than $2,500 by Schedule B number.

If you check the Authorize Forwarder box you are agreeing to the following: The USPPI authorizes the above named forwarder to act as its true and lawful agent for purposes of preparing and filing the Electronic Export Information (EEI) in accordance with the laws and regulations of the United States.

Check the Eligible Party Certification box if you are moving cargo against an ITAR exemption and you are providing the SLI in NCBFAA format for your forwarder to do your AESDirect filing for you. However, if this applies to you and you are doing your own AESDirect filing, you must check the Certified Party Indicator box on the EZ Start tab, Product Detail screen on the AES Vehicle and DDTC Info tab and fill in the Exemption Number.

SLI in SED Format Only

This section includes information that only appears on the SLI that still mimics the old Shipper's Export Declaration (SED). While the official SED was replaced by AESDirect years ago, some companies continue to use the SLI in SED format to provide to their freight forwarders to do the AESDirect filing on their behalf. The ECCN Code(s) and SED Export License Type must be entered here even if you have already entered them on the EZ Start tab, Product Detail screen in order for them to appear on the SLI in SED format. If, however, you are doing your own AESDirect filing, then the ECCN and License Type entered by line item on the EZ Start-Product Detail screen will be uploaded to AESDirect.

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