World Trade Month Is May 2020 and You Are Invited

David Noah | January 6, 2020 | Import Basics, Export Basics
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World Trade Month 2020 | Shipping SolutionsMay is World Trade Month in the United States, and to coordinate the plethora of events scheduled for May 2020, the World Trade Month Association has published a new website: This website will serve as a directory of international trade-related events held during May 2020 across the country and on the web.

The theme for this year's World Trade Month website is "Growing exports in uncertain times," a reflection of the challenges facing companies during a period of trade wars, a reexamination of free trade agreements, and questions about future economic growth.

Individuals may register on the website to receive notifications of World Trade Month events they may wish to attend.

The History of World Trade Month

World Trade Month was first celebrated as World Trade Week in 1927 by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. According to the Chamber, "This occurred during a time of isolationism and under the conditions prevailing during the heyday of the restrictive Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act."

In 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt made World Trade Week a national observance. Since that time, World Trade Week has been celebrated during the entire month of May by a number of federal agencies, state trade offices, area chambers of commerce, World Trade Centers, trade associations, and other public and private organizations. These events celebrate the importance of international trade to the U.S. economy and educate people how to begin and grow their exports.

May 2020 World Trade Month Events

To make it easier for individuals to find events they are interested in, the World Trade Month Association is grouping the May 2020 events into five categories:

  • U.S. Trade Policy
  • Export Marketing and Sales
  • Export Logistics and Procedures
  • Export Finance
  • Export Compliance

Organizations that wish to have their World Trade Month events listed on the website may complete the listing form on the World Trade Month website. All submitted events are subject to review and approval by the Association before being accepted. There is no charge for the listing.

Call for World Trade Month Speakers

In addition to the events being sponsored by a variety of government and non-government organizations across the U.S., the World Trade Month Association is working with one of its Gold Sponsors to create a series of online education events about international trade.

If you are interested in participating in or presenting your own educational webinar during World Trade Month, send an email to with information about the proposed topic and a summary of your credentials.

World Trade Month Sponsorship Opportunities

If your organization would like to support World Trade Month 2020 and be a sponsor of the website, the World Trade Month Association offers three sponsorship levels. Visit the sponsorship page for details about the three levels and to request more information.