David Noah

David Noah

David Noah is the founder and president of Shipping Solutions, a software company that develops and sells export documentation and compliance software targeted at U.S. companies that export. David is a frequent speaker on export documentation and compliance issues and has published several articles on the topic.

On: September 18, 2023     By: David Noah

Exporting to India: What You Need to Know

Set to become the world's second-largest economy by 2075, India holds a lot of potential for U.S. exporters. But before you attempt to export goods to India, read this article to learn about the opportunities, navigating challenges like high tariffs and infrastructure needs, and compliance issues.

On: August 30, 2023     By: David Noah

Export Compliance Self-Disclosure: When, How & Why You Should Do It

If, in the course of doing business, you discover your company violated export regulations, you may want to consider filing an export compliance voluntary self-disclosure (VSD). New government policies include tougher penalties for non-disclosed cases and reward third parties that blow the whistle on competitors, so non-disclosure could be a particularly risky choice.

On: August 21, 2023     By: David Noah

Exporting to Mexico: What You Need to Know

For many U.S. companies, Mexico offers an exciting opportunity for exporting their goods and services. This article looks at the history of U.S. trade with Mexico; the impact of the USMCA on trade; the process of exporting to Mexico; and considerations for entering the Mexican market.

On: August 14, 2023     By: David Noah

Incoterms 2020 FCA: Spotlight on Free Carrier

Under the Incoterms 2020 rules, Free Carrier (FCA) means the seller has fulfilled its obligation when the goods are loaded on the buyer's transport at their warehouse or made available to the buyer at a named place such as a freight forwarder's warehouse or a carrier's terminal. Learn more about the risks and responsibilities and get answers to FAQs.


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