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Resources for Exporters Straight to Your InBox

On: November 1, 2017    |    By: Lisa Nemer Lisa Nemer    |    3 min. read

Resources for Exporters Straight to Your InBox | Shipping SolutionsIf you are an exporter and like getting information delivered directly to your inbox, there is a plethora of information to be had from the U. S. Census Bureau and U. S. Customs and Border Protection. Their websites are full of information for exporters including videos, blog posts and export procedures.

Rather than having to navigate through their websites, however, you can sign-up to receive emails from both agencies whenever there is something published that affects you.

U.S. Census Bureau

To see what is available from the U.S. Census Bureau, go to the Census Bureau website and click on Newsroom in the top tool bar. Under Newsroom, click on Latest News. Stop here to check out the many resources the Census Bureau has to offer.

Under Videos, choose videos by topic and then click International Trade Videos. Here you will find videos on classifying your products, export compliance, and AESDirect. Click Social Media to see the list of blogs written by the Census Bureau.

The Global Reach blog is probably of most interest to exporters. There you will find information on the AES downtime procedures, tips on decreasing fatal errors, and understanding verify messages in AESDirect.

Once you’ve seen what the website has to offer, click Subscription Requests to get what you want sent directly to your inbox. Click the sentence Click here to subscribe or modify your existing subscription. On the Email Updates page, leave the Subscription Type “Email” and enter your email address. Click Submit. You will see a list of topics to choose from. Click the box in front of any topic you are interested in. Be sure to click the plus sign to see more detail about a topic. You may need to play with your selections a little before you are getting exactly the topics you want. Once you are subscribed to their email list, it is easy to adjust your preferences by clicking Subscriber Preferences at the bottom of any email they send you.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

To see what is available from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), go to the CBP website. Their website also has a Newsroom, but if you are only interested in international trade, click Trade in the top tool bar.

You can browse through all the different trade topics, but to sign-up for the email list, click ACE and Automated Systems. Click Get Email Updates. On the Email Updates page, leave the Subscription Type “Email” and enter your email address. Click Submit. You will see a list of many topics to choose from, not just topics about ACE. Click the box in front of any topic you are interested in and click Submit.

One thing that CBP does that Census does not seem to do, is send the same message out under different categories. For example, I am subscribed to the subscription topics “ACE Reports,” “ACE Portal Accounts,” “New ACE Programming,” and “Export.” Invariably, I will receive four copies of the same email. However, I can change my preferences by clicking Subscriber Preference Page at the bottom of any of the emails. There I can delete topics or add subscriptions. However, it is pretty easy to hit the delete key to get rid of the extra messages rather than missing something important!

Shipping Solutions Emails

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one more website that sends out blog posts of interest to exporters. Here at Shipping Solutions we publish blog posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays with lots of information written by experts in their field. Click here to sign up for our email alerts. It is always easy to unsubscribe by clicking email preferences at the bottom of any email we send you.


Lisa Nemer

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