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Non-Dangerous Goods Export Form

Download and print this PDF of the Shipper's Declaration of Articles Not Restricted for your shipments of non-dangerous goods by air.

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What Are Articles Not Restricted?


As stated in IATA DGR 8.2.6 about the shipment of non-dangerous goods:

If an article or substance could be suspected of being a dangerous goods, but does not meet the criteria for any of the hazard classes or divisions, it may be offered for transport as not restricted if the words ‘Not Restricted’ are included in the description of the article or substance on the Air Waybill to indicate that it has been checked. The statement ‘Not restricted, as per Special Provision Axx’ must be included in the description of the article on the Air Waybill when required, to indicate that the Special Provision has been applied.”

A non-dangerous goods form relieves any suspicion if handlers question the nature of a product, and it assures them there are no dangerous goods involved. It also shows the shipper has taken due diligence and responsibility, formally presenting the product information and stating that the article or material being shipped is not restricted for air transport. It is not a required form, but it is commonly used to make the exporting process easier.

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FAQs: Shipper's Declaration of Articles Not Restricted

  • What is a non-dangerous goods declaration?

    The use of a non-dangerous goods form provides assurance to handlers by addressing any potential doubts about the nature of a product and confirming that it does not involve any dangerous goods. By formally presenting the product information and stating its unrestricted status for air transport, the shipper demonstrates due diligence and responsibility. Although not mandatory, this form is frequently used to simplify the exporting process.

  • Can dangerous goods be shipped with non-dangerous goods?

    It is possible to ship dangerous goods together with non-dangerous goods, but specific regulations and precautions must be followed. The dangerous goods must be properly classified, packaged, labeled and documented according to applicable regulations, ensuring they are safely transported alongside non-dangerous goods. This helps maintain the safety of the shipment and protect those involved in handling and transportation.

  • When is a non-dangerous goods export form required?

    Though not required, the non-dangerous goods export form alleviates any doubts if handlers raise inquiries regarding the product's nature, affirming that it does not contain any dangerous goods. Additionally, it demonstrates the shipper's accountability by providing detailed product information and confirming that the shipped article or material is not subject to restrictions.

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