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Commercial Invoice

We understand completing export documents can be tedious and often high-pressure. Here’s a Commercial Invoice form that should help get you through this shipment.

It’s just one export form of dozens that you can quickly and easily create with Shipping Solutions® software.

What is a Commercial Invoice?

Commercial InvoiceOnce your international sale is complete and your goods are ready to be sent to the buyer, you need to prepare a commercial invoice and include it with your shipment.

The commercial invoice is the single document that describes the entire export transaction from start to finish. When completed properly, it provides important instructions and information to the buyer, the freight forwarder, U.S. and foreign customs, the import broker, the marine insurance company, and both your bank and the buyer’s bank. Done improperly, it can cause confusion, delays and disagreements.

Certain countries may require a specific invoice instead of, or in addition to, the standard commercial invoice form. Canada requires that U.S. exporters include the Canada Customs Invoice for shipments to that country valued at more than $2,500 CAD unless the commercial invoice includes the additional data requirements.

If your buyer is located in one of the 15 Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries, they may request a CARICOM invoice regardless of the value of the shipment. This specialized form helps member countries more easily collect import data.

If you are tired of trying to assemble your export documents manually, we’d love to introduce you to an easier way. With Shipping Solutions, you can complete these documents five times faster. And they’ll be more accurate, too. Give it a try.

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