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Proforma Invoice (Spanish)

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What is a Proforma Invoice?


In a typical export exchange, everything starts when you receive an inquiry about one or more of your products and a request for a quotation. In an international transaction, your quote would be provided as a proforma invoice. That’s because your international prospect may need a proforma invoice to arrange for financing, to open a letter of credit, to apply for the proper import licenses and more.

If you complete it correctly, the proforma invoice will be very similar to the commercial invoice. A proforma invoice specifies:

  • The buyer and seller in the transaction.
  • A detailed description of the goods.
  • The Harmonized System classification of those goods.
  • The price.
  • The payment term of the sale, typically expressed as one of the 11 current Incoterms® 2020 rules.
  • How and where the goods will be delivered and how much that will cost.
  • The currency used in the quote.

Be sure to date your proforma invoice and include an expiration date. There can be a lot of volatility in the export process, so minimize your risk by setting a specific time frame for your quote.

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Proforma Invoice (Spanish) FAQs

  • What is the difference between an invoice and a proforma invoice?

    An international sale often begins with a letter of inquiry from a potential buyer expressing interest in one or more of your products, asking for an informal or formal quote. A buyer may request a quote in the form of a proforma invoice. A regular invoice, also known as a standard invoice or sales invoice, is typically used in domestic transactions and is issued by a seller to a buyer to request payment for goods or services rendered.

  • Why is it called a proforma invoice?

    Proforma means preliminary or provisional. The purpose of a proforma invoice is to provide the buyer with an estimated overview of the costs and terms of a potential transaction. It allows the buyer to review and confirm the details before committing to the purchase, so it is a preliminary invoice, preceding the more formal commercial invoice.

  • Should you pay on a proforma invoice?

    Typically you do not pay on a proforma invoice because it is used as a preliminary invoice to quote the price of goods. However, a buyer may need it to arrange a letter of credit to pay for the goods or if they need to arrange financing for the purchase.

  • Who writes a proforma invoice?

    The seller prepares and sends the proforma invoice to the potential buyer. 

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