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U.S.–Chile Certificate of Origin

We understand completing export documents can be tedious and often high-pressure. Here’s a U.S.–Chile Certificate of Origin that should help get you through this shipment. It’s just one export form of dozens that are beautifully printed and completed with Shipping Solutions®.

What is a U.S.–Chile Certificate of Origin?

U.S.–Chile Certificate of Origin - Shipping SolutionsThe U.S.–Chile Free Trade Agreement went into force in 2004 with 100 percent of products becoming duty free in 2015. Like most of the U.S. Free Trade Agreements other than NAFTA, the responsibility for claiming preferential treatment lies with the importer. However, more often than not, the information needed to support the claim will have to be provided by the producer or exporter of the goods.

A certificate of origin can take many forms, such as a statement on company letterhead, a statement on a commercial invoice, or a formal certificate of origin. Shipments valued under $2,500 do not require a certificate of origin or other supporting information of a preferential claim unless the customs authority suspects a claim is fraudulent.

If you generate a certificate of origin for the importer, you should maintain it for a period of at least five years after the date the certificate was issued along with all records and supporting documents related to the origin of the goods.

If you are tired of trying to assemble your export documents manually, we’d love to introduce you to an easier way. With Shipping Solutions, you can complete these documents five times faster. And they’ll be more accurate, too. Give it a try.

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