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Canada Customs Invoice

Download and print this PDF of this Canada Customs Invoice form for use with your exports to and imports into Canada.

What is a Canada Customs Invoice?

Canada Customs Invoice Form | Shipping SolutionsCommercial shipments to Canada, regardless of mode of transport, which are valued at over $2,500 (Canadian funds), are not classified under HTUSA Chapter 9810, and are subject to duties and sales taxes, should be accompanied by a Canada Customs Invoice. The invoice must contain all the information currently required by Canada Customs Regulations and can be prepared either by the exporter/importer or their agents.

The Canada Customs Invoice must be completed to show (a) the transferor as the exporter; (b) the transferee as the purchaser; and (c) the original vendor as the vendor. The exporter must specify, in addition to providing the general data regarding the transacting parties, the conditions of the sale, the terms of payment and complete details relative to packing, description of goods, unit price and total prices.

The Canada Customs Invoice must also document whether or not transportation and insurance charges, export packing and charges for construction or assembly in Canada are included in the selling price. Canada Customs is also very interested in whether or not commission or royalty payments are involved.

If you’re required to use the Canada Customs Invoice and don’t, or if the form is incomplete or inaccurate, you will delay your shipment at the border, which, ultimately, will delay your payday.

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