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U.S. - Australia Certificate of Origin

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What is a U.S. - Australia Certificate of Origin?


On Jan. 1, 2005, the U.S.– Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) entered into force. More than 99% of U.S.-manufactured goods exported to Australia immediately became duty free. Manufactured goods account for 93% of U.S. exports to Australia.

For the U.S. – Australia Free Trade Agreement, the importer, not the exporter, is required to make a claim of preferential tariff treatment under the FTA on the basis that the goods originate in the U.S. However, the importer or Australian customs authority may ask you to provide information to support a claim of preferential treatment.

Key Data Elements

An Australia Certificate of Origin should include:

  • The name and contact information for the exporter, importer and producer of the goods;
  • A description of the goods, including the six-digit Harmonized System or Schedule B code;
  • The preference criteria used to qualify goods under the FTA;
  • If you are the producer of the goods;
  • If you used the Net Cost accounting method to determine the origin of the goods;
  • The country of origin of the goods; and
  • The signature and contact information of the person certifying that the goods qualify under the Australia FTA.

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U.S.-Australia Certificate of Origin FAQs

  • Do I need a certificate of origin to ship to Australia?

    A certificate of origin is used to claim preferential tariff treatment under the U.S.– Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) for goods that originate in the U.S. The importer is required to make the claim, but the importer or Australian customs authority may ask the exporter to provide information to support the claim of preferential treatment.

  • What documents are required to ship to Australia?

    Specific documentation requirements vary depending on the nature of the goods being shipped, but typically shipments to Australia will include a commercial invoice, bill of lading, packing list and the certificate of origin if claiming preferential treatment under the U.S.-Australia FTA. 

  • What information is required on the U.S.-Australia certificate of origin?

    It should include the exporter, importer and producer details along with a description of the goods using the appropriate product codes. Specify the preference criteria, if you are the producer, if the net cost method was used and the country of origin. Download the template on this page to ensure you include the required information. 

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