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Proforma Invoice (French)

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What is a Proforma Invoice?

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Proforma invoices are nothing more than quotations prepared to resemble commercial invoices. In fact, if the proforma invoice is correct, and if an order results, the final commercial invoice will closely resemble the proforma.

Proforma invoice quotations are extremely handy when quoting Letter of Credit payment terms. The buyer can take the proforma invoice to his or her bank, which can then open a Letter of Credit that conforms to those terms. By making sure that details like sales terms, product descriptions and pricing are clear, costly changes can be avoided.

All proforma invoices should be valid for a specific period. Keep in mind that you are often quoting not only the cost of your product, but the transportation cost as well. A reasonable time should be allowed for the buyer to respond, after which the proforma invoice is no longer valid.

Benefits of the Proforma Invoice

The proforma invoice is your first chance to make a lasting impression on your buyer, and it’s a key negotiating tool. In exporting, it’s good form to include one, whether it’s requested or not. 

Complete it correctly and the proforma invoice will be a blueprint for the entire export process. It contains several key pieces of information that will be used on many of the forms you use throughout the export process, including a final export invoice.

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Proforma Invoice (French) FAQs

  • What is the difference between an invoice and a proforma invoice?

    An international sale often begins with a letter of inquiry from a potential buyer expressing interest in one or more of your products, asking for an informal or formal quote. A buyer may request a quote in the form of a proforma invoice. A regular invoice, also known as a standard invoice or sales invoice, is typically used in domestic transactions and is issued by a seller to a buyer to request payment for goods or services rendered.

  • Why is it called a proforma invoice?

    Proforma means preliminary or provisional. The purpose of a proforma invoice is to provide the buyer with an estimated overview of the costs and terms of a potential transaction. It allows the buyer to review and confirm the details before committing to the purchase, so it is a preliminary invoice, preceding the more formal commercial invoice.

  • Should you pay on a proforma invoice?

    Typically you do not pay on a proforma invoice because it is used as a preliminary invoice to quote the price of goods. However, a buyer may need it to arrange a letter of credit to pay for the goods or if they need to arrange financing for the purchase.

  • Who writes a proforma invoice?

    The seller prepares and sends the proforma invoice to the potential buyer. 

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