Lindsay Bernsen Wardlaw

Lindsay Bernsen Wardlaw

Lindsay is a non-practicing international trade attorney and former trade compliance manager with extensive experience developing export controls, sanctions, antiboycott and customs compliance programs, both in-house and for clients. She is currently the Vice President of Trade Advisory Services for Amalie Trade Compliance Consulting, a boutique consulting firm that focuses on practical and sustainable compliance solutions and services that create business efficiencies while mitigating compliance risks. Lindsay holds a B.A. in International Political Economy with a minor in Political Science. She has a J.D. from the University of Michigan School of Law. She is also a Licensed Customs Broker.

On: September 27, 2023     By: Lindsay Bernsen Wardlaw

The ITAR-Controlled Item You Never Knew You Had

Your exports may not appear to have a military application, but they could still be controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations due to ITAR’s “see-through” rule. When an ITAR-controlled part is placed in your dual-use item, licensing restrictions could apply. And you might be surprised by some of the items that are considered defense articles.

On: August 9, 2023     By: Lindsay Bernsen Wardlaw

When U.S. Controls Apply to Your Non-U.S. Product: Understanding De Minimis Rules

If your product contains more than a de minimis amount of U.S.-origin content, or if your product is made in a facility using equipment that was produced using U.S. know-how, you may need a U.S. export license—even if production and shipment occur completely outside the U.S. Learn how to conduct a de minimis assessment to determine if these rules apply to your product.


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