Dr. Cheryl McCloud

Dr. Cheryl McCloud has more than 30 years of experience in global supply chain management and the added distinction of receiving a DBA from Walden University with a specialization in Global Supply Chain Management. As a licensed U.S. Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder, Cheryl owned her international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, distribution, and federal contracting business, providing many services to importers, exporters and the U.S. Federal Government, becoming a 500 Inc. company. Now, Cheryl is focused on helping small businesses understand the supply chain and regulatory compliance requirements to avoid unwanted risks and financial costs, creating strong profitability. Cheryl has additionally supported the development of new supply chain management programs in local colleges as a professor and currently the Chair of the Education Committee for the International Propeller Club headquarters in the U.S. and has a prodigious interest in the promotion of education, labor growth and opportunities for the maritime business.

On: October 24, 2022     By: Dr. Cheryl McCloud

What Is Supply Chain Flexibility?

Traditional supply chains operate rigidly and don't respond to change well, which we've seen play out in negative ways over the last several years. Here are nine areas where flexibility can be built into the supply chain, creating a way for companies to respond when things don't go exactly as planned.

On: June 29, 2022     By: Dr. Cheryl McCloud

4 Steps to Identify and Manage Supply Chain Risks

Supply chain risk management is a way for companies to plan for and prepare to react to supply chain disruptions. Many disruptions companies face are out of their control—weather, global conflict, decisions made by third-party partners—but by anticipating disruptions and being prepared to react, companies can minimize the financial toll.

On: December 13, 2021     By: Dr. Cheryl McCloud

How Sourcing Impacts the Supply Chain

Sourcing is one of the first steps in the supply chain, and it's an important one—it impacts every other aspect of your supply chain. Learn about what's included in the sourcing process and how, when done effectively, it can benefit the entire shipping process and your bottom line.

On: September 1, 2021     By: Dr. Cheryl McCloud

How to Manage Disruptions in the Supply Chain

Chaos Theory says that small disturbances can have big consequences, and this is definitely true within the supply chain. To be successful, especially during a time when chaos in the supply chain is common, supply chain managers must build in flexibility and avoid overreaction.

On: June 23, 2021     By: Dr. Cheryl McCloud

Tips to Build a Reliable Supply Chain and Improve Visibility

Supply chain visibility—the ability to see and know what's happening at all stages of your company's supply chain—helps businesses avoid risk and sets them up for growth and success. We share five things you can do to build a reliable supply chain, so your company is prepared to handle disruptions.


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