USMCA Certificate of Origin Now Available in Shipping Solutions Versions 9.16 and 8.16

Lisa Nemer | June 15, 2020 | Shipping Solutions News & Tips
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Time to upgrade to Shipping Solutions Version 9.16/8.16You may have heard the news that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has been replaced by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) effective July 1, 2020.

At Shipping Solutions, we are ready to help you with the transition from NAFTA to USMCA with four new USMCA Certificates of Origin in Shipping Solutions Professional 9.16 and Classic 8.16. If you are an active Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) subscriber, you can download the update from the AMP website.

The changes made in the USMCA are outlined in our NAFTA vs. USMCA blog post. For help understanding the USMCA and whether your goods qualify, check out the USMCA: The Modernized NAFTA webinar. This blog post provides step by step instructions for completing the USMCA documents.

Four USMCA Certificates of Origin

Shipping Solutions provides four different USMCA Certificates of Origin. U.S. exporters will want to use the standard USMCA document found by going to the EZ Start screen and clicking Preview/Print/Email. There is also a Canadian version, titled USMCA-Canada (English), which switches the document title to the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement as required in Canada. There is also a French language version called USMCA-Canada (French), and a Spanish language version called USMCA-Mexico.

Steps to Complete the USMCA Documents

  • On the EZ Start screen, click Contacts and enter your Exporter information.
  • On the EZ Start screen, click Product Detail and enter the line items for your shipment. The Product Description and Schedule B/HTS Code fields will appear on the USMCA document. In addition, in the Free Trade Agreements section of the screen, select the Preference Criteria, Producer and Country of Origin for each item from the drop-down boxes.
  • If this is not a blanket USMCA, enter the Invoice Number on the EZ Start tab, Invoices-Proforma/Commercial screen.
  • On the EZ Start screen, click Free Trade Agreements. Click the buttons for Importer, Producer and Certified By and enter those parties to the shipment. In the USMCA Certfied By drop-down list, choose whether the importer, exporter or producer is certifying that the goods qualify under the USMCA. Enter the date of the USMCA certificate in the FTA Date field. If this is a blanket certificate, enter the Blanket From/To dates.
  • On the EZ Start tab, click the Preview/Print/Email button where you can preview and print the four USMCA reports.

If you are an active Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) subscriber, you can download the update from the AMP website. If your AMP has expired or you'd like more information, send an email to

If you are not a current Shipping Solutions export documentation and compliance software user and your looking for an easier way to create all your standard export forms including the USMCA Certificate of Origin, sign up now for a free demo of the software. There's absolutely no obligation.