Arnesh Roy

Arnesh Roy

Arnesh Roy was a Senior Inside Sales Representative at Shipping Solutions.

On: February 12, 2024     By: Arnesh Roy

House Bill of Lading vs. Master Bill of Lading

A house bill of lading is always a receipt for a shipment from one exporter, while a master bill of lading is a receipt that could potentially cover the shipments of many exporters, as they are consolidated by the carrier into a larger shipment.

On: December 26, 2023     By: Arnesh Roy

5 Reasons to Invest in Export Documentation Software

Successful exporters know that accurate export documents are important for getting your goods to their final destination and making sure you get paid on time. Export documentation software allows you to quickly create your export forms and help you stay compliant with export regulations.

On: October 2, 2023     By: Arnesh Roy

A Glossary of International Shipping Terms

Don't be overwhelmed by the hundreds of international shipping terms. We've published a glossary of more than 250 trade terms used by importers and exporters. Bookmark this page and refer to it when you stumble across a word or acronym that has you stumped.

On: August 2, 2023     By: Arnesh Roy

What Is Landed Cost?

Landed cost calculates the entire cost of importing or exporting your goods, including shipping, handling, customs duties and fees, and more, allowing you to be more strategic and better prepared. We explain what's included in landed cost, the role of Incoterms and how software can simplify the process.


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