Roy Becker

Roy Becker

Roy Becker was President of Roy Becker Seminars based in Centennial, Colorado. His company specialized in educating companies how to mitigate the financial risk of importing and exporting. Previous to starting the training company, Roy had over 30 years experience working in the international departments of several banks where he assisted many importers and exporters with the intricate banking needs associated with international trade.

Roy served as adjunct faculty in the International MBA programs at the University of Denver and University of Colorado in Denver. He conducted seminars at the World Trade Center Denver and The Center for Financial Training Western States, and was a guest lecturer at several Denver area Universities.

Roy retired in 2021.

On: August 3, 2020     By: Roy Becker

How Will I Get Paid for My Export?

When negotiating an international sale, one of the first questions you need to answer is: How will I get paid? In order to answer that question, you'll need to answer several more: When will I get paid—before or after delivery? What kind of guarantee do I get? In what currency will I be paid?

On: June 3, 2019     By: Roy Becker

The Bill of Lading Always Proves Shipment Ownership

The bill of lading for your shipment identifies a shipment’s ultimate owner (e.g. the consignee). In addition, it serves as a receipt for the goods and a contract for delivery. With a negotiated bill of lading, that owner can change several times before the goods reach their destination.

On: November 5, 2018     By: Roy Becker

8 Tips for Getting Paid with a Letter of Credit

There are many reasons why you may want to use a letter of credit to get paid for your export shipments. But Letters of credit can be complicated. It's important to know what you're doing to avoid delays and other frustrations. Here are 8 tips from an expert on getting paid with a letter of credit.


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