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William Augello

Articles Written By William Augello

When Does Carrier Liability Begin and End? — Part 1

William Augello | September 5, 2005 | Import Basics
Disputes often occur in the distribution cycle over which party must bear the loss of a shipment due to a contention that the carrier had not yet taken control of the shipment or had made a “delivery” according to the bill of lading.

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Ocean Shipping Problems for Cargo Owners

William Augello | November 7, 2004
Shipping goods in ocean vessels invokes special problems for importers and exporters that must be addressed through education and training in transportation laws. Failure to understand the intricate terms and conditions of ocean bills of lading and tariffs can result in unrecoverable losses and unanticipated transportation costs. One of the most common causes of adverse ocean shipping experience is when a cargo owner experiences a loss, damage and delay to its cargo.

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