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How Does the Proforma Invoice Fit in the Sales Process?

4/15/15 10:00 AM | David Noah | Export Basics, Export Forms

So, you want to make an outstanding first impression? You have seven seconds. Studies show that positive (or negative) business impressions are made almost immediately—in person. Can the same thing be said for first impressions when you aren’t working face to face with a potential customer? I think so.

In the world of exporting, one of the best ways to make a positive, lasting first impression is to provide a proforma invoice for your prospective buyers. When it comes down to it, the proforma invoice really is the first impression you will make on your buyers, so it’s pivotal to make your buyer’s experience a pleasant one.

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Utilizing the Miscellaneous Databases in Shipping Solutions

4/14/15 1:00 PM | Lisa Nemer | Shipping Solutions News & Tips

I need terms of Net 85 for one of my customers!

I need to a statement to appear on all of my invoices, but I don’t want to type it every time!

I need my Inland Bill of Lading to show items received in vats!

All of these needs, and probably more, can be met with some of the more obscure screens on the Databases tab in the Shipping Solutions software.

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Planting the Seeds for a Successful Export Letter of Credit

4/13/15 10:33 AM | Roy Becker | Export Finance, Letters of Credit, Export Basics

A gentleman appeared in the international department and identified himself as Richard, an existing bank customer and a distributor of goods sold in retail hardware stores. He told us that he purchased samples from a factory in Korea a short while ago and now wanted to place a large order. The factory informed him they would ship the goods upon receipt of a letter of credit.

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The Not-So-Sexy Checklist for Becoming a Successful Exporter

4/8/15 4:20 PM | David Noah | Export Markets, Export Regulations, Export Compliance, Export Basics, Incoterms, Free Trade Agreements, Training

Being an exporter is sexy. You get to travel the world, meet interesting people, find exciting new markets for your products, and negotiate huge deals. At least that's the public perception of exporting. But like so much of life, the real work of exporting is much more mundane.

Before those deals can be negotiated, there's a lot of work successful exporters of all sizes do behind the scenes and in their back offices in order to profit from their international sales. The following checklist includes some of the important work that needs to be done before your hotshot sales people can start earning those large commission checks.

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Using Multiple Currencies on Your Export Invoices

4/7/15 1:00 PM | Lisa Nemer | Shipping Solutions News & Tips

Just because the world is getting flatter doesn’t mean it’s getting simpler. Doing business internationally means our Shipping Solutions customers sometimes need to prepare their Commercial and Proforma invoices in currencies other than U.S. dollars. However, the U.S. Census Bureau requires reporting through AESDirect in U.S. dollars only.

Shipping Solutions Professional makes it easy for exporters to manage one shipment using multiple currencies, and here’s how.

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3 Tips for Exiting an International Market

4/6/15 9:00 AM | Becky DeStigter | Export Strategies

As international business professionals, our focus is normally towards expanding into new markets. We research and plan. We execute and problem solve. But as much as we may plan, things don’t always go right.

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8 Essential Resources for Completing Export Documents

4/1/15 5:17 PM | David Noah | Export Basics, Export Forms

“Where do I even start?!”

If you’re new to the export process, you may have uttered this phrase under your breath a few times. Beginning exporters have a lot on their plate, and it’s not always easy to know who (or what) to turn to for reliable information.

Here are eight resources that can make the process of completing your export documents easier. With these sources, you’ll be able to finish your paperwork more quickly, get answers to many of your questions, and learn information to help you in future exports.

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What You Need to Know about User Accounts

3/31/15 1:00 PM | Lisa Nemer | Shipping Solutions News & Tips

The power and purpose of User Accounts varies greatly depending on which version of Shipping Solutions you have. In order to fully understand User Accounts you will also want to read the blog posts on Profile Settings and User Groups.

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10 Tips and Tricks for Applying Export Controls to Your Technical Data

3/30/15 10:00 AM | Julie Gibbs | Export Regulations, Export Compliance

The U.S. government controls exports of sensitive equipment, software and technology for reasons of national security and foreign policy objectives. While most people understand that these regulations apply to physical objects that may be exported, they don’t always understand that these same requirements may also apply to their data.

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4 Patenting Strategies to Protect Your Inventions Globally

3/25/15 10:00 AM | David Noah | Intellectual Property Rights, Export Basics

Inventions are a visible, valuable tool in the global business economy. Unfortunately, many exporters don’t realize the importance of protecting their inventions with patents and enforcing their patents against competitors.

We spoke with Barbara A. Wrigley, a partner who specializes in patent law at Oppenheimer, Wolff & Donnelly, LLP, about strategies exporters can implement to protect their inventions. Here are her suggestions:

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