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Going Beyond Your Export Management and Compliance Program

6/29/15 2:00 PM | Andrea Appell | Export Compliance, Export Basics

EMCP stands for Export Management and Compliance Program. A good EMCP outlines concepts, responsibilities and training, as well as sets your corporate standards. Your executive leadership embraces the program as the spine supporting your cross-border transactions and your company’s clear demonstration of reasonable care. In short, it’s critical to your company.

Sure, your company’s bread and butter comes from the “E” or exports in EMCP, but why blind yourself to customs requirements? For example:

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11+ Exporting Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter

6/24/15 10:00 AM | David Noah | Export Marketing, Export Basics

Isn’t it remarkable how social media has enriched our professional lives? From the comfort of our desk chair, we can find new customers, learn from experts, keep current on industry trends, and network with other exporters.

I’ve shared with you my essential LinkedIn groups for exporters, and now I want to let you know about several of my favorite Twitter accounts to follow. I’ve identified (in alphabetical order) the top 11 export thought leaders you should follow on Twitter. Their tweets offer insightful, practical ways to improve your export knowledge, learn more about export regulations, and stay up-to-date with trade initiatives.

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More New Features in Shipping Solutions 9.08 and 8.08

6/23/15 1:00 PM | Lisa Nemer | Shipping Solutions News & Tips

For the last few weeks I’ve been touting the benefits of our latest version of Shipping Solutions—Professional version 9.08 and Classic version 8.08. There are just a few more features I want you to be aware of:

  1. A shortcut for adding contacts,
  2. An enhanced reporting feature, and
  3. A timesaver for adding dates.
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6 Reasons Exporters Are Frustrated with Their ERP's Export Module

6/17/15 10:00 AM | David Noah | Export Compliance, Export Forms

Our office occasionally fields calls from people who are looking at our Shipping Solutions software as a short-term solution for their export documents while they are implementing their organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) export modules. The concerned callers on the other end of the phone are worried about how long their ERP trade/export modules are taking to implement, and they see our software as an affordable bridge, making their export departments more efficient.

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Shipping Solutions Software Connects with UPS and FedEx

6/16/15 1:00 PM | Lisa Nemer | Shipping Solutions News & Tips

One of the important new features in Shipping Solutions Professional Version 9.08 is the connectivity with UPS and FedEx. Shipping Solutions now gives you the ability to send your shipment information to FedEx Ship Manager and UPS WorldShip directly from the software in order to print your shipping labels without re-entering the information you already have loaded in the Shipping Solutions software.

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Export Compliance Self-Disclosure: When, How & Why You Should Do It

6/15/15 10:00 AM | David Noah | Export Regulations, Export Compliance, Export Basics

In exporting, the phrase “It’s better to ask forgiveness than ask permission” is one of the biggest lies an exporter can believe. Your export compliance strategy and execution isn’t the place to seek forgiveness—the regulations established aren’t something you should blow through haphazardly or ignore. They require careful attention, study and thought. And if you don’t think so, take a look at the what happens if you aren’t in compliance:

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The Pros & Cons of Creating Your Own Export Forms

6/10/15 10:00 AM | David Noah | Export Basics, Export Forms

How much time are you willingly wasting today?

If you think that's a ridiculous question, but you're still searching for or creating your own templates for export forms—this article is for you. You may be underestimating the time and effort it costs you to create your own export documents.

Here is a list of pros and cons you can use to decide if the DIY route is profitable for you or if you'd actually save time, money and hassle with an off-the-shelf software product.

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New Features in the Data Exchange Manager—Part 2

6/9/15 1:00 PM | Lisa Nemer | Shipping Solutions News & Tips

The Data Exchange Manager (DXM) has been updated and enhanced in Shipping Solutions Professional Version 9.08. In last week’s blog post I listed the additional fields that can now be mapped in the DXM, described how to supplement the DXM with data from the Product Database, and told about the easy way to view and print your mapping. This week I will describe the new options for setting up and running the DXM.

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Incoterms 2010 Freight and Associated Charges—Part 2: Variations In Usage

6/8/15 1:07 PM | Roberto Bergami | Incoterms

In the first article of this three-part series, I discussed the responsibilities of the seller and buyer in relation to freight and associated charges depending on the Incoterms® 2010 rule chosen in the contract of sale.

In this article I will focus on some of the most common variations in terms and practices that sellers and buyers need to consider under the international trade terms so that the cost of the transaction can be properly accrued and to ensure certainty about the point at which risk is transferred.

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Two Questions about NAFTA That Tell Customs You’re Clueless

6/3/15 10:00 AM | David Noah | NAFTA, Export Basics, Free Trade Agreements

If you’ve ever spent any time on the Shipping Solutions website, you’ve probably noticed that we make a couple dozen export form templates free to download as PDFs. Among all those different export documents, the NAFTA Certificate of Origin (COO) form is by far the most common form people download.

When people download a free form, I usually send a follow-up email thanking them for visiting our website and asking if they have any questions about the form they downloaded. For the NAFTA COO downloads, I typically get one or two email replies every day asking what to enter in column #7, Preference Criterion, and column #9, Net Cost, on the form.

At this point I write back and advise them to stop filling out the form and instead reasses whether they can and should be providing the NAFTA Certificate.

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