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15 Terms You Need to Know When Filing through AES

2/25/15 10:00 AM | David Noah | Automated Export System (AES), Export Compliance, Export Basics

Does your company export goods valued at more than $2,500 to anywhere other than Canada? If so, you’re probably no stranger to the U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) that require you to file your export information electronically through AES, the Automated Export System. Most exporters need a thorough understanding of AES because the consequences of filing incorrectly can be costly.

If the process of filing through AES seems a bit convoluted, or if you could use a refresher in AES terms, read on.

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How to File through AESDirect

2/24/15 1:00 PM | Lisa Nemer | Shipping Solutions News & Tips

U.S. companies that export are required by law to file their Electronic Export Information (EEI) through the Automated Export System (AES) if their items 1) are valued at $2,500 or more by Schedule B number to countries other than Canada, 2) require an export license, or 3) are a used vehicle.

You can hire a freight forwarder to file on your behalf, but the exporter is ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the filing, and forwarders charge a filing fee. For those reasons, U.S. exporters often prefer to file their EEI themselves using Shipping Solutions software.

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Using the Right Certificate of Origin Form for Your Export Shipments

2/23/15 11:52 AM | Catherine J. Petersen | NAFTA, Export Forms, Free Trade Agreements

As an exporter, you are required to provide documents to accompany your international shipments. The number and kinds of documents that you must prepare will vary depending on where, what and how you are shipping. A certificate of origin (COO) may be one of the export forms you need to produce.

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10 Terms You Need To Know About NAFTA

2/18/15 10:00 AM | David Noah | NAFTA, Export Basics

With a combined output of more than $17 trillion, it’s easy to see why understanding the NAFTA economy is a necessity for exporters who want to succeed. As one of the largest free trade agreements in history, NAFTA gives U.S. exporters the opportunity to earn their share of the $570.8 billion and $393.5 billion available in Canada and Mexico, respectively.

Here are 10 terms you need to have an understanding of in order to make sure your company has a competitive chance.

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Locking Shipments in Shipping Solutions

2/17/15 1:00 PM | Lisa Nemer | Shipping Solutions News & Tips

Shipping Solutions Professional gives you the ability to lock completed shipments so they can’t be changed or deleted. If a shipment is locked, users will be able to preview, print and email documents, and they will be able to copy the shipment. Users will not be able to access or edit the EZ Start screens, file through AESDirect, or run compliance screenings on a locked shipment.

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2/16/15 7:00 AM | John Goodrich | NAFTA
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a voluntary program. Importers and exporters within Canada, Mexico and the United States may opt to participate and, as a result, avoid duties on most goods traded within North America. It comes as a surprise to some that an exporter and a producer have no legal obligation to participate in NAFTA.

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Eight Blogs All Exporters Should Be Reading

2/11/15 10:00 AM | David Noah | Export Basics

What are you doing to be a better exporter?

Often, our day-to-day jobs are so demanding that we think there’s no time left for extras.  However, dedicating just a small bit of time each day or each week to learn more about our industry is what can set us apart from everyone else (who also happen to be just getting through each day).

One way I’ve found to do that is by keeping up with news, industry trends, upcoming events, and conversation through export blogs and newsletters. Here are eight great blogs I think you should be reading too.

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Shipping Solutions Consolidation Utility (Video)

2/10/15 1:00 PM | Lisa Nemer | Shipping Solutions News & Tips

The Shipping Solutions Consolidation Utility allows you to combine multiple orders to the same customer into one set of export documents, one set of data to electronically file through the Automated Export System, and one shipment to screen for export compliance.

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Diapers, a Baby, and a Clan of Stowaways

2/9/15 10:00 AM | Roy Becker | Letters of Credit, Export Basics

Often a letter of credit contains technical wording that doesn’t seem to mean very much except to the bank’s letter of credit specialist, such as a clean transport document. What constitutes a clean bill of lading? As usual, we go to the Uniform Customs and Practices (UCP) for an answer.

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10 Terms You Need to Know to Help You Get Paid for Your Exports

2/4/15 10:00 AM | David Noah | Export Finance, Export Basics

What’s the most rewarding, and sometimes frustrating, aspect of being an exporter for you? For many, it’s simply getting paid on time and in the correct amount. The rewarding part is self-explanatory—obviously, we need to be able to earn a living!—but the frustrating part is worth considering.

Take a look at these 10 terms and see if they can help you better understand the payment process (so you can make a profit sooner!).

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