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U.S. - CAFTA-DR Certificate of Origin

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What is a U.S. - CAFTA-DR Certificate of Origin?


The Dominican Republic-Central America- United States Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) entered into force for the United States, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua in 2006, for the Dominican Republic in 2007, and for Costa Rica in 2009. As a result of the FTA, 100 percent of U.S. consumer and industrial goods and nearly all U.S. agricultural products exported to the CAFTA-DR countries are no longer subject to tariffs. To be eligible for tariff-free treatment under the FTA, products must meet the relevant rules of origin.

Despite the fact that the ultimate responsibility for claiming preferential treatment lies with the importer, information needed to support the claim for preferential treatment may need to be provided by the producer. The certification that the goods are originating may be produced by the exporter, importer or producer of the goods.

If someone other than the producer (such as the exporter) issues the certification, it must be based upon either:

  • Reasonable reliance on a written or electronic certification that the good is originating issued by the producer, or
  • The issuer’s knowledge that the good is originating, which may include intimate knowledge of the product, its manufacture, and its components.

While no official form is required to demonstrate eligibility for preferential tariff treatment under the CAFTA-DR, a sample form has been provided by CAFTA countries, and there is a list of information that must be included.

A CAFTA-DR Certificate of Origin Should Include:

  • The name and contact information for the exporter, importer and producer of the goods.
  • A description of the goods, including the six-digit Harmonized System or Schedule B code.
  • The preference criteria used to qualify goods under the FTA.
  • If you are the producer of the goods.
  • If you used the Net Cost accounting method to determine the origin of the goods.
  • The signature and contact information of the person certifying that the goods qualify under CAFTA-DR.

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U.S.-CAFTA-DR Certificate of Origin FAQs

  • What countries fall under the U.S.-CAFTA-DR FTA?

    The United States, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

  • What are the benefits of U.S.-CAFTA-DR?

    As of 2015, 100% of U.S. consumer and industrial goods exported to these CAFTA-DR countries are tariff-free. Tariffs on agricultural products were completely lifted in 2020. And by the time the agreement is fully implemented on Jan. 1, 2025, all goods will be duty-free.

  • Who may complete the U.S.-CAFTA-DR certificate of origin?

    The importer is responsible for claiming preferential duty rates, but the producer or exporter of the goods is the one most likely to know whether or not their goods qualify and may need to provide the required information.

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